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Thrift Store Operators...

Call us at 763-268-9939 to transform your thrift store into a thriving bargain center using pallets of Mixed General Merchandise, Health & Beauty, Drug Store, Tool & Hardware, Clothing, Seasonal, and discounted Dry Grocery (near or just past date code).  Products can range from brand new shelf-pulls with original packaging, slightly distressed, and pallets of clean customer-returns from major retailers.  We’ll also have case packs of food, candy, and impulse items too!  Email us at to get started today!



Here are samples of just a few opportunities:

Health & Beauty Care (HBC) - Mixed Boxes $35.00 each

Products that everyone needs in the categories of over-the-counter remedies and medicines, personal care items, such as toothpaste, shaving cream, and mouthwash.  May also included hair care items, such as shampoo, conditioners, setting lotions, home permanents, body care items, such as body lotion, skin moisturizer, facial applications, and cosmetics including face makeup and perfume.


Purchase by the box or 24 boxes per pallet.  Shipping not included.

Assorted Sunglasses - $1.50 per pair


Men's, Women's, and some Children's shelf-pulls from major retail chains.  Most pairs still have their original retail price tags showing $15.99 - $19.99!

A great impulse item and highly profitable even at a fraction of retail and convenience store prices.

Sold in bulk packs of 125 pairs. Shipping not included.

SK 6-Hour Energy Shots!


The brand that is taking on 5-hour Energy with a massive ad campaign is owned by rapper "Fifty-cent" and has major celebrity endorsments for it's mission to end children's hunger.

Major wholesale distributors and large super-market chains are paying $.52 - .55 each for lesser-known brands by the truckload and you can get it for $.49 per unit by the case!

Sold by the case, each contains 72 units (6/12pks)  Dates are good through October 2013.  Further discount available for volume purchases.

Call us at 763-268-9939 for miscellaneous groceries by the case, mixed general merchandise pallets, hunting & fishing customer returns pallets, and more. 

We want to be your first thrift store supplier when you need more than donations to succeed!

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