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Since 2012, I have been focused on channeling name-brand consumer goods through the secondary markets and doing my best to help my buyers find the right product to succeed in resale.  I work from within a small and select group of sources, including major retailers and others, to secure the best and least publicized inventories -at below wholesale prices. 

My regular Buyers mainly include bargain outlet stores, auction platforms, thrift/non-profits, pallet wholesalers, online sellers, and exporters throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, South & Central America, as well as the Caribbean. 

I enjoy getting to know my customers and establishing long-lasting relationships with a consultative and low-key approach. It's only through real, honest dialogue that two parties can best determine if they can benefit one another.  As one of my mentors once told me -Sometimes the best sale is NO SALE!

If you are ready to start that dialogue, just call, or even text me at 763-268-9939.  My email is

Ryan Kampff
RK Sales& Consulting, LLC.
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