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RK Sales & Consulting is a full service company connecting people to products.
We create profitable opportunities for re-sale and develop new outlets for excess inventories.
Wholesale - Purchase


Discount Stores, Thrift Stores, Auctions, Liquidation Centers, Flea Markets, E-bay/Amazon Sellers, Exporters, and many others are having great success selling close-out, clearance, liquidation, shelf-pulls, refurbished, and customer-returns inventories from brand-name retailers and manufacturers on the secondary markets.  RK Sales & Consulting is your connection to amazing deals!

Product lines include:

  • Appliances 

  • Electronics 

  • Tools 

  • Sporting Goods & Toys

  • Furniture 

  • Housewares 

  • Shoes 

  • Fashion & Basic Apparel

  • Domestics 

  • General Merchandise Hardware ​

    And MORE!

​We recognize the best opportunities for our clients and we will often acquire select inventories through contractual and first-level relationships with trade partners including major retailers and other strategic sources to sell at below wholesale cost.

All sales are final.  All Goods sold "as-is" without warranty, expressed or implied, unless explicitly stated on invoice and purchase agreement.  Terms are wire-transfer prior to shipment.  All quotes do not include freight unless specified.  Freight quotes provided through our carriers based on destination.

Suppliers - Vendors


We understand that true partnership begins with our respect for your organization’s interests and this will always be the key to our success.  Protecting your brand by respecting the restrictions which you have placed upon distribution of your products and information is our goal.  We do not mass-advertise brand names, use intentionally obvious abbreviations, post complete inventory manifests online, or email-blast them for all to see.  We understand that these practices devalue your brand.

With that said, America’s secondary markets are booming with small entrepreneurs in need of goods to buy, sell, and trade.  Harnessing the collective power of these “off-the-radar” resellers can be a valuable tool in liquidating all types of excess inventories.  We consult with all levels of resellers and exporters to cultivate these outlets and discretely release products in a controllable manner. 

EXPORT is another area in which we are working hard to develop new trade-partners.  When your brand equity, relationships, and concerns for your retail partners are extremely sensitive –we will work to ensure against cannibalization and other potentially embarrassing moments by exporting your goods.

Retailers, Manufacturers & Distributors

Contact us now with your close-outs, cancelled orders, long-runs, competitor lifts, refurbished goods, packaging changes, promotional / special offer / damaged packaging, shelf-pulls, customer-returns, and obsolete products.  We will find a buyer for these inventories.









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